Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) 100mg

Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) 100mg

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Purchase Seconal (Secobarbital sodium) for sale to soothe your epilepsy seizures

Seconal is the trade name for Secobarbital — a potent substance of barbiturate class approved for epilepsy and short-term insomnia treatment. Another way of the drug’s application is anesthetics before surgeries and medical diagnostic procedures. 

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Epilepsy is a severe condition that acquires long-term treatment with potent medications. It should be taken over, as you never know when another seizure may occur and how strong it will be. In most cases, when you turn to brick-and-mortar pharmacies to buy Seconal, you will be asked for a prescription. But that’s not how we operate. At Dzen Pharmacy, we never tell you to show your medical card, providing you with money- and nerve-saving shopping experience. 

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