Ephedrine HCL 30mg

Ephedrine HCL 30mg

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Ephedrine is an alkaloid obtained from the Ephedra plant. Its unique properties have been known to humanity since ancient times. The Chinese used the plant to treat asthma for thousands of years. Today, Ephedrine proves itself to be an effective treatment of respiratory diseases, fat loss, and chest tidiness. Moreover, the drug produces an amphetamine-like effect on the CNS, increasing blood pressure and reducing fatigue.

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Things to know before purchasing Ephedrine for sale

Ephedrine can be extracted from natural raw materials with further purification or synthesized in a lab. This psychoactive drug is a powerful metabolic stimulant with many fields of application. Before you place your order for our cheap Ephedrine, you should consult your doctor, as the drug is highly addictive and can be hazardous if mistaken. Among the medication’s most common side effects are:

  • tremors 

  • anxiety

  • insomnia

  • increased heart rate and blood pressure

  • confusion

  • paranoia

The risk of side effects increases with exercise, especially when combined with a lack of liquid and high body temperature.

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