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Codeine 15mg

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Stock up on over-the-counter Codeine, 15mg for sale for your business or home use

Codeine is a natural narcotic analgesic from the group of opiate receptor agonists. This substance is used to treat cough, migraine, toothache, febrile syndrome, post-traumatic pain, and other cases. Though it is an opioid, Codeine provides less potent analgesic effects compared, for example, to Morphine. 

At Dzen Pharmacy, we offer the best Codeine, 15mg, for sale at the most competent price. We serve both pharmaceutical businesses and individuals, providing medical-grade Codeine with worldwide delivery. Forget about long bureaucratic paperwork and low-quality substances from dubious vendors. Dzen Pharmacy keeps up with the times, providing Codeine in bulk without compromising on quality and your loyalty.

Precautions to know before you buy Codeine, 15mg at Dzen Pharmacy

Codeine is often paired with other substances to increase its analgesic effect. Thus, you may need a trusted vendor for your cheap Codeine, 15mg bulk supplies for new RX chemicals production. If you purchase the drug for your home use, you should take it cautiously, adhering to your doctor’s prescription, as it provokes a variety of side effects:

  • addiction

  • withdrawal syndrome

  • respiratory depression

  • hypotension

  • indigestion

  • bowel and bladder atony

  • bradycardia

  • allergic reactions

On top of that, you should keep in mind that Codeine strengthens the effects of antipsychotics, tranquilizers, alcohol, barbiturates, and antihypertensive drugs. 
When you buy Codeine, 15mg at Dzen Pharmacy, you don’t have to stand in long lines for a prescription. We offer over-the-counter opioids wholesale or retail supplies without brushing with the law. Shopping for Codeine with us is a safe and money-saving solution. Feel free to reach us out for more information about Codeine pills and their delivery to your place.

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